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General information

Tel Aviv University map


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The venue

On June 4th, the tutorial will be held at the Porter School of Environmental Studies,

room 105 (across from campus gate 14,

2 Klauzner St., Tel Aviv).


On June 5-8, the workshop will be held at the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery

Address - Haim Lebanon 64 Tel Aviv 

(On the left side of Gate 7, Tel Aviv University)


Workshop Dinner,  June 5th:

The workshop dinner is free for participants, but registration is mandatory.

It will take place at the: Samarkand restaurant, 34  Ben Zvi road, Tel Aviv.

See in google maps here

We will arrange transportation to the restaurant and back to the University.



The university campus (lecture halls, corridors) is covered by the following networks:

SSID: Free-TAU, Password: free-tau


Looking forward to welcoming you in Tel Aviv soon!

Getting here

Arrival to Tel Aviv University campus by train from Ben-Gurion Airport is very simple, there is a frequent line headed from the airport to all of Tel-Aviv train stations. Your destination is ‘Tel-Aviv University Station’; you can find updated schedules at all times on the Israel Rail website.

The train ride is approximately 30-40 minutes from the airport. Tel-Aviv University Station has two exits, remember to take the exit on the left, leading to a set of escalators through a tunnel.

Broshim and Einstein Dormitories are a short walk from the university train station, although be mindful that some of this walk is uphill and has stairs. We recommend consulting Google Maps.

You can also see the other option to get to the University here.

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